Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Movtivational Monday - 7/23/12

Alright, Ali....it's Motivational MONDAY! C'mon! LOL, I can't keep doing it on Tuesday, that defeats the purpose, haha.

*Sigh*...Oh well...

This has been so "me" lately. Yes, I'm talking about in regards to fitness, and weight loss, and eating right...but there's a lot of things that go into that. I hate it when my house gets "cluttered". First, it makes me not want to clean bc I don't know where to start. And second, it makes simple things (as easy as packing lunch) more difficult bc nothing's in the right spot.

So this weekend I decided to do something about it. These pics are NOT good quality, bc they were just for me to see the difference, but then I thought, I could put them on the blog because....well, just because! It's my blog after all, it's the one place I can do what I want - haha!

It's the hallway and pantry that have been bugging the CRAP out of me lately, so I decided to do something about it!

So here are some pics... in the first one, you'll notice on the shelf above the washer & dryer: a heating pad, laundry detergent, crumbled up reusable publix bags, random water bottles, the red string is the wire stuff that goes to the weed-eater (that we haven't used in at least a year, lol), and dog food, collars, & leashes (on the far left side where you can't see), and random other stuff...

On top of the washer and dryer is a crockpot that we don't use anymore (we upgraded), a box that needed to go to the street for trash day, pizza (Busted!), my lunchbox, more laundry detergent, some Febreeze, and a 2 liter. Can't even reach the buttons on the dryer, ugh! I'm ashamed I let it get like that, lol.

It's BEAUTIFUL now! On the shelf: a rarely-used dog crate that was in the hallway, a box for "yard stuff", dryer sheets, laundry detergent, and misc cleaning supplies.

On the washer/dryer: NOTHING! :^) I put a box labeled "dog food/collars/leashes" on the back of the dryer. We keep their bowls in there also, since they're only fed once a day.
And here's the pantry....it's such as eyesore! It's pretty organized, but because it's in the middle of the hallway, it's so UGLY!

Fyi, the baby gate is there to keep the pups out of the hallway. It allows us to be able to get out the door without them getting out of it first. That one you see looking at me in the pic? (The one that is a total mama's boy and was wondering what I was doing?) Yeah...he could race a greyhound....it's damn near impossible to catch him once he's loose. :^)
Solution: tension rod and a fabric shower curtain. $15 and I LOVE it!
Oh, and because we were talking about the pups, here are a couple of pictures to show them off, haha.
See? 60 lbs of total Mama's boy. I love that dog.
I love her too...she's just a tad more stand-off-ish, lol.
Ok, back to the mess...This was the right side of the hall. First, there's the tension rod, but that was just to put the shower curtain up with. Then there's a dry erase board that we use to tell each other if we've fed the dogs (to avoid double feedings), but Mike hung it up originally with blue sticky stuff, and it fell down (leaving the blue stuff on the wall with the dry erase markers). Then there's just random stuff...a grill pan, some board games, a  bag of dog food, a dog crate we never use, several trash bags that were going to the street the next day...
So pretty much EVERYTHING is gone from the hall now, and those trash bags are gone now too, and it's fabulous! Feels like there's SO much room in there now!

So anyway, that's part of what I did this weekend. Isn't it funny how we can just spend a little chunk of our time cleaning an area, and it just transforms it? Awesome.

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