Weigh-in's, Pictures, and Rewards

This will be where I post some of my weigh-in's and progress pics.

I always thought my SW was 353, but then found out my starting weight was wrong when we started, bc our scale SUCKED! As of 4/28/12, we have a new scale that's accurate, so I had to re-work all my numbers.
6/10/11 - 383
4/28/12 - 357 (down 26 lbs)
5/19/12 - 348 (down 35 lbs)

Not bad so far, but I'm kicking it up a notch! :)

1st goal: 325 - Reward: professional hair color! :)

2nd goal: 299 - Tworifficland! Reward: Fitbit

3rd goal: 270 - Reward: a facial, never had one before

4th goal: 250 - Reward: 3 new pots and pans

5th goal: 230 - Reward: a pair of HEELS. :) And will now start REALLY trying to get pregnant!

6th goal: 199 - Onederland! Reward: Buying a flirty dress!

ULTIMATE GOAL - 180 - I really won't need a reward, 'cause I'll feel too amazing to care - - - but I'm getting a tattoo on the arch of my foot with "non sum qualis eram" (I'm not who I was) and a baby phoenix rising from the ashes on my ankle (might get this on my ribs, I don't know yet). I will also celebrate by doing a boudoir shoot! My hubby would love that NOW, but I wouldn't, lol.
This is from 2006, when me and Hubby first got together. Was probably 250 lbs...?
And THIS is June 2011, when I knew I needed to change...383 lbs.

Christmas 2010 / 2011 Comparison
May 2011 / April 2012 Comparison

Starting weight pic for first Biggest Loser competition - Jan 2012 - around 367 lbs, I think

Starting pics for Biggest Loser competition on 4/28/12


  1. Love this! You're making great progress I'm so excited to see your future progress!

    1. Thanks honey! So excited to see the progress too! "After pics" for the competition will be up around July 28th! :)

  2. Keep up the good work! Facials are amazing! You will love it!

  3. Hi ali! I just stumbled across your blog, this is super inspiring! And omg, are you going to be on the Biggest Loser?!? I’m a huge fan of that show, I’ll definitely be watching and cheering you on :-)