Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready. For real. No, really. I'm ready!!!

I'm ready this time.

Ready to get this damn weight off and KEEP it off.

The Biggest Loser competition that I started starts tomorrow. We've got a group of 30 people (holy crap!) and all the starting weights have to be submitted by tomorrow. I've got my two friends and fellow competitors, Lauren and Brionna, helping me --- and I couldn't be more grateful!

Then it's on to 13 weekly weigh-in's and posting the standings for everyone to see. Second place is going to take home $216, and first place will get $324! That's way more money than our last round, and people are really excited! I think this time people will really FIGHT for those top spots. I can't wait...

It's funny, because in a weird way, I almost feel like I've already acheived my goal weight, and now I'm running competitions to help OTHER people acheive THEIRS. It doesn't make any sense. Also, I see people jogging, and I think "Yeah! I'm a jogger too!" But when me and Destinee attempt the 60 second jogging portion of C25K, I can barely make it through 30 secs... THIRTY SECONDS! In my head, I can run for 5 minutes. Why doesn't my body know that?!

I'm just going to start pushing hard...harder than hard, even. I'm going to push my own limits.

I'm sick of having my outside not match my inside. I'm ready to be healthy, ready to be able to take my dogs for jogs, ready to live a long life with my husband, ready to expand our family. Ready for so much...

I'm ready.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's do this...

It's about freakin' time I started an online diary, lol.

Let's do this thing...

We've all got it in us.

"You've got everything it takes,
but it will take everything you got!"